Taneční kurzy Swing a Electro Swing Fusion


Electro Swing and Swing Fusion are the perfect combination of the classic melodies of Swing, Blues and Jazz with today’s popular dance music. More and more people discover their love to this music because it connects an extraordinarily elegant and expressive style with excellently danceable rhythms. For both solo and couple dancers.

Cream Swing brings you the very first and absolutely unique weekly Vinatge and Electro Swing Fusion Dancing Classes & Parties in Prague. Learn and enjoy to dance to the finest tunes of both Vinatge Swing and Electro Swing Dance Styles.

We’ll lead you through the basics of Vintage Swing Dance styles, comprising classic Lindy Hop, Charleston and Jazz moves, and spice it with elements of modern danes to add the cutting edge for some cool Swing Fusion styles.

Our focus lies on the perfect couple dance experience, thus emphasizing the sensation and technique of genuine lead and follow.

Are you curious, what you’re going to learn? For example this, if you’d like:

Dancing with a strong feeling and understanding of musicality is one of our top priorities. So what is Electro Swing?

And what is traditional Swing?



Some nice photographies on this web site are (C) by Martina Houdek (http://www.martinahoudek.com).
You can buy her wonderful Swing Photo e-Book at http://www.alza.cz/swing-d501415.htm